THE PENITENT by David Mamet

A linguistically rich play of ideas


The Atlantic Theater Company (New York) World Premiere Produktion af THE PENITENT, instruktør; Neil Pepe. på billedet; Rebecca Pidgeon og Chris Bauer. Scene design af Tim Mackabee, Kostume design af Laura Bauer, lys design af Donald Holder

1 F / 3 M

A middle-aged psychiatrist, Charles, is facing a big moral dilemma when a former (homosexual) patient has shut and killed ten people and Charles is asked to give a testimony in favor of the defense. As a recent Jewish convert, Charles has turned to his rabbi for guidance and has finally decided not to enter the witness stand but is unexpectedly exposed as a homophobe and the villain who could have prevented the killings. Has he been giving his patient the right help? And why won’t he testify, all of a sudden, now that he has done it many times before? Should he give in to the media pressure and share his journals with the defense even though this conflicts with his oath, his morality and his faith? Would a testimony bring him peace or would it end his career?

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