Illustration: © Iben Marx Holmes and Hervard Olander Merved

Book, lyrics and music by Kresten Wolff
Based on the novels about ERIK AND THE GODS (ERIK MENNESKESØN) by
Lars-Henrik Olsen
3 F / 10 H + ensemble
Orchestration: Keyboard 1 & 2, guitar, bass, drums, percussion.

Erik, a young and overlooked teenager from our world, is being taken to the Norse gods’ legendary world of Asgard by Thor, the God of Thunder. The young goddess Idun, who guards ‘the apples of life’ which keep the gods young and healthy, has been kidnapped by the giants. Erik has been chosen by the gods to travel to Jotunheim to find her, and together with Thor’s beautiful daughter Thrud, he sets out on a dangerous journey. They fall in love, making the young giant Tjalfe mad with jealousy, and from this point on, Erik must remain on guard if he wants to stay alive.

On their journey, Erik is kidnapped and held captured by the giants, but he later becomes a friend and ally of them and falls in love with Gunnlod, one of their daughters. He gets to know their part of the world, and realises the need to bring peace between Asgard and Jotunheim. This will require a fateful confrontation against Oden, a rebellion against the prophesy of the Völva, as well as a difficult choice between the two nations and the two girls he loves.

The books and the musical, Eric and the gods, are written as an allegory of intolerance, fear and hatred between the East and the West, still characterized by many wars in our world. Moreover, they also bring warm message of hope for unity and a better future.

The music ranges from classical national romance, film music and folk music to pop/rock and heavy metal.