Stage adaptation of a Norwegian Oscar candidate: SALMER FRA KJØKKENET (KITCHEN PSALMS)


By Bent Hamer og Jörgen Bergmark
Adapted for the stage by Hans Petter Blad
1 F / 6 M
Norwegian text – English translation

An irresistibly peculiar comedy with first class kitchen hygiene! After a thorough analysis of the Swedish housewife’s behaviour in the kitchen, the Home’s Research Institute is now ready to explore other territories. By sending observers to a small Norwegian village with a majority of unmarried men, they are to study the kitchen routines of single men. The observers are in no circumstances allowed to be addressed or included in the doings and routines of the kitchen. The observer Folke ends up with the eccentric Isak, who is not quite cooperative. However, a mutual sympathy and an indescribable friendship gradually emerge between the two reticent men.

Bent Hamer and Jörgen Bergmark’s film was Norway’s Oscar candidate 2004, and received the Norwegian Film Critic Award for best Norwegian film.


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