STÅ FAST by Kamilla Wargo Brekling on tour in November and December 2019

Inspired by Svend Brinkmann’s bestseller about avoiding the endeavours to fulfil oneself


STÅ FAST, Det Kongelige Teater 2018 © Camilla Winther


By Kamilla Wargo Brekling (DK)
2 F / 1 M – variable gender distribution and cast size (3 actors minimum)
Danish original text
Just say no, hell no! Fire your coach and give the never-ending mantra about adaptability the finger. Kamilla Wargo Brekling is supporting professor of psychology Svend Brinkmann’s suggestions to challenge the zeitgeist trends about striving for insight. Instead Brinkmann suggests that we should realise that death is a prerequisite for the meaning of life. It is time to oppose optimization and say No Way, Jose! to the eternal desire for development. It’s hilarious – and deeply serious!


The Royal Theatre’s production of STÅ FAST is hidding the road. See the tour plan here.