SPEED-THE-PLOW by David Mamet


Celine Stubel, Brian Markinson and Vincent Gale i SPEED-THE-PLOW på Belfry Theatre 2015, Victoria, Canada © David Cooper


1 F / 2 M

This is a hilarious and devastating satire of Hollywood, a microcosm of American culture. Charlie Fox has a terrific vehicle for a certain hot male movie star, and he has brought it to his best friend, the Bobby Gould who is head of production for a major film company. Both see the script as their ticket to the really big table where the power is. The star wants to do it; all they have to do is pitch it to their boss in the morning. Tonight, Bobby has bet Charlie $500 that he can seduce Karen, a temp secretary. As a ruse, he has given her a novel “by some Eastern sissy writer” which he has been asked to read before saying “thanks-but-no-thanks.” Karen is determined that the novel, not the trite vehicle, should be the company’s next project. Her arguments are promising and when she agrees to sleep with Bobby the experience is so transmogrifying that Charlie must plead with Bobby not to pitch the sissy film.

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