SER DU MIG (DO YOU SEE ME) by Abelone Koppel

Poetic depiction of losing one’s job


SER DU MIG, Teater Grob 2020 © Emilia Therese



By Abelone Koppel (DK)

1 D / 2 H


Danish original text

In a world governed by growth and consumption, three people lose their jobs and hit rock bottom. They have fallen out of society, out of sight, into the darkness. No longer any good for anything. Now, what is left for them? Poverty? Another world? Another community?

SER DU MIG (DO YOU SEE ME) examines the human and social mechanisms that can be associated with suddenly ending up in unemployment. A poetic depiction of what happens when one’s life is turned upside down and one must see oneself in a new light.


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