Adde Malmberg ©Jonas Kündig


Adde Malmberg

5 F / 5 M – Can, by agreement with Adde Malmberg, be adapted so that the text can be performed with a different cast, for example with more women


Swedish text


The excitement is at its peak at the organic gourmet conference venue Kruskagården. A seminar will be held with the topic on the food of the future and the latest in food research. However, things don’t quite go according to plan. The keynote speaker at the conference, a leading food researcher with a strong allergy to nuts, has not turned up and is misinterpreted as someone else – who has been hit in the head by a door and is lying passed out on the floor. A hired stand-up comedian must step into character and when the right person shows up, the confusion is total. A wonderful farce with a colorful gallery of characters.


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