NO PLANET B by Vivian Nielsen

A theatrical dance of death around the UN Climate Report


NO PLANET B at Husets Teater 2015 © Oliver Hoffmeyer


By Vivian Nielsen

2 F
Danish text – English translation

Two women together with the rest of the world’s population have arrived at a turning point. Man’s common future is at stake, and soon it is too late to do anything. In a mixture of classic theatre and performance-lecture they play, shout and explain their way through all the facts from the UN climate report, while species become extinct, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. The financial crisis and the climate crisis – it is the men’s fault, and perhaps the solution to the problem is to liquidate all wasteful individuals? Perhaps it is possible to crowdfund a contract killing and then vote democratically on who is to be shot? It requires just a touch of a button. In No Planet B we are invited to a common journey of understanding and a climate theatrical dance of death, where those who act shall survive.

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