MADDIKER by Rikke Wölck

Unique text for three mature women


MADDIKEN Folketeatret 2022 © Thomas Petri


MADDIKER by Rikke Wölck
3 D
Danish text

Unique text for three mature female actors. Maddiker (Maggots) is about the lives of three women from the age of 60 until the age of 90. A form of connection and friendship arises without them being in a clearly defined space. They each relate to aging. Loneliness. That of losing. The decay of the body. How the outside world looks at them. Doors that closes and the discovery of new paths. To be invisible. Death. And an insistence that age can be a strength. The text is constructed from a dynamic dramaturgy consisting of monological parts and dialogue. Life-affirming and entertaining work.

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