LINDA VISTA by Tracy Letts

“Maturing can be very painful. Especially when you do it in front of other people”


LINDA VISTA, Steppenwolf Theatre Company 2019 – Cora Vander Broek, Ian Braford, Chantal Thuy © Joan Marcus



By Tracy Letts (US)

4 F / 3 M


English original text

“You’re a deadbeat, work a dead end job, married, no, wait, divorced, hate your wife and kids, hate everybody, depressed, can’t get laid, your body’s breaking down, the only thing that still runs is your mouth.”

Dick Wheeler is 50. His marriage is over, his job is mundane, and the best years of his life appear to be behind him. A move from the cot in his ex-wife’s garage to his own apartment in a San Diego Complex called Linda Vista opens up new possibilities for sex – and perhaps love too. Full of opinions, yet short on self-examination, Wheeler must reconcile the man he has become with the man he wants to be.