KISSING THE WITCH by Emma Donoghue

A feminist take on famous fairy-tales


KISSING THE WITCH, The Corps Ensemble, Dublin 2019 © Roscoh Anthony



By Emma Donoghue (IRL)

3 F / 1 M

Youth play

English original text

A play in two acts and five parts that each is a feminist take on famous fairy-tales or ‘adventures’. Acclaimed writer Emma Donoghue spins new tales out of old in a magical web of interconnected stories about power, transformation and choosing one’s own path in the world. About breaking free of expectations and traditional thinking regarding what to strive for and behave like as a woman. In these fairy-tales, women young and old tell their own stories of love and hate, honour and revenge, passion, and deception. Using the intricate patterns and oral rhythms of traditional fairy-tales, Emma Donoghue wraps age-old characters in a dazzling new skin.

Age 12 +


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