HOLD SÅ KÆFT LARS! by Mette Søndergaard Nielsen

A rom-com about suicide


Troels Thorsen og Maria Rossing in HOLD SÅ KÆFT LARS at Det Kongelige Teater 2019 © Camilla Winter



By Mette Søndergaard Nielsen

1 F / 1 M


Danish original text

In the streamlined and optimised world of today, it is a core value that man is in process, in development or (at least) in recovery. Life must not be difficult without one having a plan for getting better as soon as possible. The perception is that human nature is pre-programmed to endure and to survive – but are there exceptions? Liv, for one, can’t stand it anymore. But it is a bit of a challenge to kill yourself when you’ve just started fucking Lars, who thinks that suicide is a really bad idea.

SHUT UP, LARS! is investigating the very bottom of the depressive mind, portraying Liv’s absurd life situation with darkness, pain, hopelessness and humour!


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Mette Søndergaard Nielsen


Mette Søndergaard Nielsen (b. 1987) is a Danish playwright working with satire and dramady as a playwright and actress in theatre and fictional TV. She is a part of the satire group FLÆS and did the acclaimed shows WHY DON’T WE TALK ABOUT ME and WAITING FOR PORN, directed by Kamilla Wargo Brekling.