ENDLESS SECOND at The Edinburgh Fringe and The Park Theatre

Acclaimed play about consent in the #metoo era


ENDLESS SECOND, Cut The Cord 2019 © Old Keaton



By Theo Toksvig-Stewart

1 F / 1 M


English original text

On the first day of their Drama degree, W and M are thrown together as scene partners. Their relationship soon progresses in a romantic haze of young passionate love with all the usual ceremonies; meeting the families, going away together and supporting each other through the stresses of their degree. They listen to each other. They respect each other. But everything changes after a drunken evening with their friends. On this night, when he takes off her underwear and his boxers, she says, “No”. But he doesn’t stop. In the fallout that follows, W struggles to process what has happened to her. She can’t assimilate the rape for what it was, because how could it be rape? He loves her. He couldn’t have done that.

ENDLESS SECOND is a play about consent within a relationship and how we talk about rape and explores how two people deal with a trauma that fundamentally alters the nature of their relationship.


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Theo Toksvig-Stewart © Ruth Crafer


Theo Toksvig-Stewart is a writer and actor who trained as an actor at Drama Centre London. His writing credits in training include an adaption of Brecht’s Threepenny Opera entitled An Opera from the East. Endless Second is Theo’s first professionally produced show and performed at Theatre503 in early 2019. Endless Second is running at the Pleasance Below as part of the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2019.