EGGS: A warm and entertaining stage adaptation of a hilarious film comedy


By Bent Hamer
Adapted for the stage by Wetle Holtan
1 F / 5 M
Norwegian text

A warm and entertaining dramatization of Bent Hamer’s hilarious film comedy EGGS. The brothers Far and Moe, two loners in their 70’ies still live together in the small, deserted situated farm in which they were born, somewhere in a wind-swept part of Norway. Their little world is marked by the security given by years of every-day routine. The two brothers have never had big experiences and the days have practically passed in mutual peace and tolerance. Neither they talk about the past when Far went on a moped ride over the Swedish border sometime during the war. One day the phone rings, and it turns out Far’s trip to Sweden in the past resulted in… A SON!!! Suddenly one day a handicap bus arrives, and a character rolls out – Konrad; Far’s unknown son, whose luggage is a box with bird eggs. The safe life of the brothers is suddenly shocked by confusion and uncertainty.

Bent Hamer received the Amanda Award for Best Film in 1995 and several awards at international film festivals, including those in Moscow and Toronto.

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