DANS MED MIG by Peter Asmussen

A complex and fascinating monologue about a disturbed mind


DANS MED MIG in an English language version, Why Not Theatre Company, Teatret ved Storte Hest 2020 © Foto: Robin Skjoldborg, grafik: Mike Tylak


Peter Asmussen
1 F

In a schizophrenic universe – like in a split mind – an abandoned woman has an almost crapulous dialogue with herself, her imaginary trusted friend, her lover and his mistress. Asmussen moves supremely in and out of the different worlds and looks from different angles down on a figure, which is left to herself in her own private hell – the madness and the isolation – and the dream about what used to be. In the nightmare – the late hours and the flat become her only sanctuary, while alcohol has become her only anchor and means of relief. This is a complex and fascinating monologue!

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Video: Per Christensen


Video: Per Christensen