Asmussen’s DANS MED MIG in an English language version

Peter Asmussen’s monologue about love, loss, loneliness and laughter is playing at Teatret ved Sorte Hest in Copenhagen from February 28th 2020


DANS MED MIG in an English language version, Why Not Theatre Company, Teatret ved Storte Hest 2020 © Foto: Robin Skjoldborg, grafik: Mike Tylak


Love, loss, loneliness and laughter – reflections through a woman’s mind. Performed in English

Written by one of Denmark’s greatest contemporary playwrights, Reumert-winning Peter Asmussen’s “Dance with Me”, is a touching drama about an abandoned woman who struggles to understand her past.
What really happened between her and the man who was the love of her life? An emotional roller-coaster peppered with humour, this is a poignant story about what loneliness can do to a human being.


A drama by: Peter Asmussen
On stage: Sue Hansen-Styles
Directed by: Solbjørg Højfeldt
Translated from Danish by Sue Hansen-Styles and Solbjørg Højfeldt


Playing period: 29th of February – 21st og March 2020, Mon – Fri at 8 PM, Sun at 5 PM
Duration: 1 hour 15 mns
Teatret ved Sorte Hest, Vesterbrogade 150, København V


Video: Per Christensen

Video: Per Christensen


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