ANNAS VERDEN (ANNA’S WORLD) by Julie Petrine Glargaard

A feminist work about the hardships of maintaining the work/life-balance


ANNAS VERDEN, Teater Grad 2020 © Per Morten Abrahamsen



By Julie Petrine Glargaard (DK)

3 D / 1 H – variable cast size


Danish original text

Spring has come, at last. The light is returning. The light that everyone in Skagen is dependent on, the light that makes artists make a pilgrimage to the small fishing village in Northern Denmark. Anna Ancher is on the verge on her breakthrough on the Copenhagen art scene. But it is not easy to balance the classic role of being a mother and a wife with the life as a bohemian artist – a difficult task even today, more than a hundred years later, mastering the work/life balance.


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