VENTEROMMET (THE WAITING ROOM) by Ingrid Jørgensen Dragland

Contemporary Norwegian playwriting


Ingrid Jørgensen Dragland © Siren Høyland Sæter



By Ingrid Jørgensen Dragland (NO)

5 F


New-Norwegian original text

The action takes place at the doctor’s where 4 different women are waiting to speak to the doctor (who herself is ill): Margrethe (89), who struggles with a failing memory; Heidi (42), who has filled herself with botox; Ingeborg (39) who wants a child; and Randi Beate (50), who needs some sleeping pills. Suddenly, the situation twists and the scenario is seen from the doctor’s office and point of view. A play about unorthodox healing, love, children, choices in life and the worthy life. A work that is both absurd, funny and uses magic realism.


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