1001 NAT by Karen-Maria Bille

Arabic stories made into an elegant theatrical text


1001 NAT at Teater Republique © Natascha Thiara Rydvald and Marc Fluri


1001 NAT
by Karen-Maria Bille
freely after Ellen Wulff’s translation of Muhsin Mahdi’s Arabic original
3 F / 1 M
Plays for adults
Danish text

Love, violence, sex, beauty and the poetry of sensuality are the themes in the gigantic work of seductive Arabian fables, 1001 NIGHTS, here ingeniously made into an elegant theatre text by Karen-Maria Bille. King Shahriyar was deceived by a woman he loved dearly. To avoid further disappointments, King Shahriyar executes his wives after the wedding night. Now the vizier’s daughter, Shahrazād, has volunteered as the king’s future wife with a plan to avoid death and to heal the king’s heart: Every night she begins a new tale that does not end, so the king must let her live to hear the sequel.

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