Original titleWIR ZÖPFE
Cast7 total (2 F and 5 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
TranslatorMaria Tellander

It is the week before Christmas – high season for family conflicts and crisis in love relationships. But apart from that, there is little in this play that resembles the stereotypical images of the bourgeois yule-tide celebrations, we know so well. For none of the characters in this play – whether Christians, Jews, Muslims – were born in Germany:
Wera, a doctor, Jewess, Russian, mother, daughter, the most beautiful woman in the world, without knowing it. Her daughter Nadeshda with short hair, a whiskey bottle in her luggage and an aborted child in her head – Ljubov, who is watching all this. Konstantin, the patriarch of the family, hero of the Red Army, was once beautiful, now his hair falls out and he terrorizes his daughter and granddaughter, to get him a hair replacement and to finally get their lives under control. Imran, the Kurdish flower seller who lands in the hospital near Wera after neither police nor civic assistance wanted to come when Neo-Nazis came to his door, speaks from Berlin. From Berlin speaks John, the American, who does not know exactly what he does in the city. He wanted to open a bar, now he sits in a second-hand shop and watches nostalgic Soviet garbage. At night he runs through the streets looking for Nadeshda. And to make things more complicated – Christmas is near!

Sasha Marianna Salzmann has written a comedy/relationship-drama/a series of Berlin monologues, in which the protagonists are intertwined like braids, in which the past lives on.