DIE UNENDLICHE GESCHICHTE Junges Theater Bonn 2021 © Rolf Franke


CategoryChildren's and youth's play
AgegroupChildren and Young People
CastCast is not defined
Comment6-8 actors
Variable cast sizeYes
RepresentationNordic representation

Only John von Düffel’s authorized stage adaptation an be performed. Permission is not given to make new stage adaptations of the novel.

In an antiquarian bookshop , Bastian finds a book that completely absorbs him: “The Neverending Story”. He begins to read and delves into the land of Fantastica, which is in great danger because it is threatened by nothingness. Only the little boy, Atreyu, can stand in the way of the country’s downfall. Atreyu embarks on his way to the Empress, who tells him that Fantastica can only be saved by a human child. Bastian finally finds the courage to take action and to travel to Fantastica. A great journey into the unknown begins …