Original titleSERIOUS MONEY
Cast20 total (6 F and 14 M)
Variable cast sizeYes
RepresentationNordic representation

In the exploding market that changed the financial world, Jake Todd is the go-to guy for setting up insider deals. When he is found dead after being interrogated by the Department of Trade and Industry, his sister Scilla goes on a private hunt. She traces his involvement with corporate raider Billy Corman, banker Zac Zackerman and Peruvian investor Jacinta Condor as they plot to drain an unsuspecting company – and soon Scilla is not seeking for her brother’s revenge, but for his money!
Executed in verse, this fast-moving satire pin-points the ruthless greed and foul mouths of 80s yuppie traders. With the recent development in the financial world, it has gained renewed interest.