RONJA RØVERDATTER, Aalborg Teater 2019, Ena Spottag og Sebastian Henry Aagaard-Williams © Lars Horn / Baghuset

RONJA RÖVARDOTTER (komponist Anders Berglund)

Cast12 total (3 F and 9 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation

Ronja is the daughter of the robber king Mattis. She came into this world during a horrendous storm, the day a lightning split the Mattis castle in two. When Mattis a few years later is told that his worst enemy Borka has moved into the other half of the Mattis castle with his gang of robbers, he is enraged, and is determined to drive them away. However, to his resentment, Ronja and Birk, the son of Borka, have become very close friends..


RONJA RÖVARDOTTER, Aalborg Teater 2019