Cast8 total (2 F and 6 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
AuthorLee Hall
This play is based on the authentic story about a group of North- English miners, who began to paint with help from a professor from a nearby art academy, and became world famous. Lee Hall has limited the number of people in the art group (The Ashington Group) and fictionalized the characters, yet he remains true to the historical facts. A warm and humoristic play about art and culture, class and society, politics and people. Produced at the National Theatre, London: “The Pitmen Painters [<] manages to be tragic, funny and illuminating in one fell swoop of energy.” - 5 stars Evening Standard / “Breathtaking in its scope, Lee Hall’s remarkable play provides a fascinating debate about art and socialism.” – 5 stars Guardian / “Lee Hall’s new play [< is] a blaze with intellectual vigor, political passion and incendiary emotional energy. A beautiful work of art that everybody should see.” - The Times / “A wonderful piece of theatre: comic, sad and stirring in the same breath.” - Financial Times