Original titlePERSONALS
Cast6 total (3 F and 3 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
TranslatorSteffen Gliese
ComposerAlan Menken
LanguagesSwedish, Danish
In this show we follow lonely people looking for the ‘one and only’ by placing ads in the ‘Personals’ section. It is put together by a succession of sketches almost in a revue fashion and basically PERSONALS revolves around an issue that most of us are familiar with; the search for true love. Perhaps particularly people living in larger cities where more and more live alone. It focuses both on the advertisers as well as the respondents and we gain insight in their mutual nervousness, desperation and frustrations. Also we witness what may come of such relationships and what happens when people meet for real, as it sometimes ends in sorrow, hope, irony, laughter and even happiness. SONGS: Nothing To Do With Love, After School Special, Mama's Boys, A Night Alone, I Think You Should Know, Second Grade, Imagine My Surprise, I'd Rather Dance Alone, Moving In With Linda, A Little Happiness, I Could Always Go To You, Mr. Potato Head, Michael, Picking Up the Pieces, Some Things Don't End ORCHESTRATION: Keyboard/Conductor’s Score Reed: Flute, Clarinet, Alto and Tenor Saxophones Guitar (Electric, Eb Acoustic and Banjo) Percussion Keyboard II