OLIVER TWIST (Jeremy Brock)

Original titleOLIVER TWIST
AgegroupChildren and Young People
Cast11 total (5 F and 6 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
A minimum of 11 actors to approx. 90 parts. Jeremy Brock’s dramatisation of Dickens’ classic novel OLIVER TWIST premiered at Bristol Old Vic in 1989. It is the grand tale about the poor little orphan Oliver’s adventures in the clutches of the villain Fagin in the crowded milieu of London during the 1800’s. Fagin teaches other boys how to steal and makes the streets unsafe in the capital. Brought on by grand drama and a theme drawing parallels to the juvenile delinquency of the present, we are drawn into the dangerous life of Oliver. Eleven actors share over 90 roles. ¨Dickens's original tale of deprivation has been softened by time. Now Jeremy Brock's adaptation has blown away all the sentimental accretions.¨ - The Sunday Times / ¨A cornucopia of dazzling ideas, vivid imagination and a tremendous amount of fun.¨ - The Bristol Evening Post