Original titleMARCOLFA, LA
Cast6 total (3 F and 3 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
This is a brilliant drama with lines and descriptions of an action, providing excellent opportunities play-wise. In the first act we are lead into a scene where one or more persons disappear into a closet. The fantastic thing about it is that the stunt is repeated over and over. All the people on stage, alone or in pairs, voluntarily or against their will must enter the closet. Regardless of their wishes, their options of action, their temperament, cunning or stupidity, they are all forced to jump, sneak, fall or be pushed into the much cursed closet. In the play we experience a mad world where people give up any kind of dignity and life style – completely obsessed by money and competition. We learn that this ridiculous world is somewhat parallel to the world we live in ourselves. In a weird way, the grotesque exaggerations are fair enough as we are able to recognise the people around us, including our neighbours. We gloat over how they are ridiculed and made fun of.