Original titleKING OF HEARTS
Cast10 total (2 F and 8 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
The monarch is dying. At the prime minister’s office the mood is hectic. The situation becomes chaotic when the intelligence service informs that the heir to the throne has a secret affair with a young Muslim woman, and that he intends to convert to Islam in order to marry her. Is a Muslim monarchy acceptable in a system based on Christian values and is the identity of the nation eternally threatened? This is a clever political satire about the global western society and it offers a hilarious peek at an idealistic conflict between the government, the opposition, the officials, the church, the police and the royals. Alistair Beaton masters the political comedies and is mainly recognized as the author of the play FEELGOOD, which was very successful in London and subsequently in the North. “Farcical-radical-topical-hysterical […] Alistair Beaton’s new play is political satire at its best, poisonously funny, a brilliant distorting mirror held up to our nature […] Beaton has a crazed but realistic imagination, an awesome talent for the killer joke, and a finger firmly attached to the pulse of the nation. It could run until the next general election” - Sunday Times / “[…] an orgy of Machiavellian manoeuvring […] Good, caustic jokes […]” - Guardian