Cast7 total (4 F and 3 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation

Is it possible to invent a cake that makes customers slim? The growing health hysteria becomes part of market strategy at the traditional Danish cake factory Borgsoe Cookies and in order to save the company from bankruptcy, the management begins to work with a sports fanatical consultant who dictates immediate change. The factory now has to produce cakes that have a slimming effect on people and the employees must themselves set a good example and lose weight. They are not further adaptable, and the mood is not getting better by the fact that a Muslim cake expert is hired to develop the new cake. The cake manufacturer Niels Borgsoe’s problems escalate when his wife begins an affair with the consultant, that the accounting assistant continues to take on weight despite the factory’s kilo policy and that the new cake tastes really bad. A sacred recipe haunts the place, but will it be able to save Borgsoe Cookies?