Original titleFOREST, THE
Cast11 total (3 F and 8 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
Alan Ayckbourn has managed with panache, to adapt Ostrovsky’s classic novel from 1870, highlighting the comical and satirical aspects of the story. The comedy takes place at an old estate where money and love are the incentives between the characters. A setting that is very typical of Russian literature of that time. The main character is the 50 years old Gurmyzhskaya, who captures an opportunistic young man, originally intended for her niece. The latter however, is only pleased to be rid of him, as she has fallen in love with someone else whose father is trying to cheat her aunt. Amidst all this palaver, a long gone nephew arrives, who has been making ends meet as a tragic actor together with a colleague. They somehow manage to entangle themselves in all the intrigues with a surprising effect that seems to put things straight. A wonderfully witty comedy with a superb cast.