Original titleDET OSYNLIGA
Cast1 total (1 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation
TranslatorJana Hallberg
TranslatorEdward Bromberg
LanguagesEnglish, German

This is a critical monologue about commercial TV, the advertising business and the tabloids as well as the power the media has over us. The theatre represents the opposition which the mercantile media have abandoned. The media enrolls in hidden power structures in which politics, the market and the media-related entertainment stragedies work together in keeping the citizens uncritically indolent. This is a thought provoking and frequently entertaining discourse against the present day’s tendency to take away the responsibility of the individual and patronise the citizen: “No one wants to listen to anything profound for longer than 30 seconds. We just want to be entertained. On TV, in the theatre, in the metro. We must constantly be tuned in and online to follow the rise and fall of the stock market in order for us to transform into obedient consumers. Now, if I had an hour, that would be amazing, but how about you just gave me 50 minutes.. you should have time for that, no? Because I’ve thought about a couple of things which I would like to tell you about.” Premiered at the Teater Tribunalen in Stockholm, 2007.