Cast10 total (3 F and 7 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
Fabrication is a compelling work presenting us with a father/son relationship - but not a typical Oedipal one: In this case the son is not in competition for his mother, indeed this is not about the son at all. It is all about the father - a successful and philanthropic Milan industrialist - who is haunted by a dream he can never completely remember on waking, a dream that still haunts him twenty years later, long after it has destroyed his life. It makes him physically and mentally ill, driving him to seek help in religion. The father - who sometimes converses with the ghost of Sophocles - is challenged by the son's independence. He wants his son to take his advice and follow in his footsteps. The boy is blonde, unlike his parents, so he questions his paternity. At the same time, the father becomes obsessed with his son's sexual activity, and he plots an opportunity to demonstrate his own sexual prowess - he becomes fascinated by his son's cock. This is not Pasolini exploring a homosexual theme - the father is so challenged that he believes his son's emerging virility is making him impotent. Although hard to comprehend there is a truthfulness about the irrationality of the fears and frustrations of this tormented man. Fears that lead to madness and what he himself calls 'regicide'. The play was first published in 1966, and first performed in Turin in 1975 - the year of Pasolini`s murder.