Kirstine K. Høgsbro

Kirstine K. Høgsbro (b.1979) wrote her first play in 2013, the rom-com HVOR ER DU EGENTLIG GRIM, NÅR DU ER LIDERLIG (YOU’RE ACTUALLY QUITE UGLY WHEN YOU’RE HORNY). The following year she wrote the monologue LUGTER DET LIDT AF LYKKE (IS THIS CLOSE TO HAPPINESS), which in a tragic and humorous way deconstructs the concept of happiness. In 2014 she won a Talent Prize at the Reumert Awards. Kirstine’s style is characterized by a deep commitment to society and an in-depth curiosity about man’s composite nature.

She writes both humorously, poetically, absurdly and sharply. Her plays always seek to reveal and deconstruct the way we see our current world – or how we choose not to see it. Kirstine has a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Copenhagen with a focus on post-structural research.