Andrew Hannan

Andrew Hannan comes from Plymouth, England. From 1977 to 1980, he studied music at the Oxford University and has lived since 1983 as a freelance composer, arranger, pianist, musical director and songwriter in Berlin. He worked in Berlin at the Neukölln Opera ("Bizet Lounge – Die Perlen Fischer", "Cox + Box", "Kaisers Nightingale", "Es fliegt was in die Luft", "Herz über Bord"); at the Woelffer stages in Berlin and Hamburg ( "Cabaret", "Männer", " Offene Zweierbeziehung ", "Master Class", "Schöne Überraschung" ), as well as a composer of numerous music for the stage, at the Schiller Theater ( "Falco meets Amadeus") and at the Tribune ( "Piaf", "Little Voice"). His new instrumentation for 19-member chamber orchestra of the long-lost opera "Malpopita" by Walter Goehr, 1931 (co-production Komische Oper / Deutschlandradio, 2004) was highly praised. As a composer, his two musicals " Canterville " ( Heilbronn , 1993) and "Störtebeker " ( Husum, 1998) had great success; a quarter of the music on the acclaimed CD "4 X 4" (Neukölln Opera / Theater des Westens, 2000 ) comes from him, and his “Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra” with Reinhold Friedrich and the Berliner Sinfoniken won in1999 at the Schauspielhaus the first Prize of the German Society of Composers.