Watch Mark O’Rowe’s phenomenal play for 3 female actors…

THE APPROACH at Project Arts Centre – 4 STARS in The Guardian

THE APPROACH, Landmark Productions, Irland © Patrick Redmond


Mark O’Rowe
3 F

Three women. Three conversations. As the details of what they share begin to diverge, we realise that a subtle game of survival is being played. Both a psychological puzzle and a quietly devastating tragedy, The Approach explores the inner lives of Anna, Cora and Denise as they desperately try to make sense of their world. What will their conversations reveal? And what does each of them have to hide?

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★★★★ – Mark O’Rowe’s compelling new play… a psychological thriller, this fascinating new play grips you from the start … (The Sunday Times)

★★★★★ – a stunning study of everyday relationships …Mark O’Rowe’s compelling new work – (The Observer)

★★★★ – an exquisite demonstration of female friendships … Mark O’Rowe’s play is a slowly bubbling big-hitter. It creeps up on you, weaving its tale masterfully and meticulously until you are entirely absorbed… (Whatsonstage)

★★★★ – Mark O’Rowe’s quietly powerful three-hander takes the form of series of conversations … little glimpses of underlying loneliness emerge like silver fishes … a subtle, layered piece that rewards close attention – (The Stage)

★★★★ – An intriguing psychological slow-burner – not to be missed – (Daily Mail)