Winner of the 2012 Tsuruya Namboku Drama Award

Takeshi Kawamura, foto Naomi Kawakami, rec from agent 08-08-2017 - kan benyttes vederlagsfrit

Takeshi Kawamura. Photo: © Naomi Kawakami

By Takeshi Kawamura (JAP)
5 M
Japanese original text, Danish translation

Takeshi Kawamura wrote this play as a work in progress resulting from his attempts to explore “the possibilities of monologue”. The characters in the play are five men. They draw strips of paper from a black box that give them their roles including a juror, a Minister of Justice, a prison correctional officer, a prisoner sentenced to death and a nondescript “man”. As the play progresses, they change roles several times. The five speak in monologue about the positions they are in, the problems they are facing, their views of life and death, crime and the death penalty.