LilleTummelisa - Info (1)
Örebro Länsteater (photo © Daniel Andersson)

Book and lyrics by Erik Norberg (from the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen)
Music by Christer Christensson
4 F / 5 M (possible to double two roles))
Family musical
Swedish text

Tummelisa/Thumbelina is the story of the girl who learns to say no and take charge of her own life. Against her will she is taken to the great forest, to the animal kingdom. Here she encounters the Toads and the Swallow, who becomes her funny summer friends, but when winter comes the swallow leaves Thumbelina, and she becomes lonely and miserable. The Rat takes care of her, but on one condition: that she is engaged to the ruler of the forest – disgusting old Mole. The Rat begins to prepare a spring wedding.
In his book for this musical (which most elegantly modernises Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale) Norberg uses contemporary language which communicates directly with the show’s young audiences (from age 10).
A charming and beautiful musical about the courage to say no.

tummelisa foto Daniel Andersson
Örebro Länsteater (photo © Daniel Andersson)

***** “An extremely beautiful show ( ) You recognize Andersen’s fairytale, but in this version it becomes so much more”

“I’m guessing Hans Christian Andersen is rejoicing in Heaven” (Nerikes Allehande)