Elegant chamber musical about relationships

Tomorrow Morning-2

’Tomorrow Morning’, Theater Wit, Chicago, (Foto © Michael Brosilow)


by Laurence Mark Wythe
2 F / 2 M
English original text – Swedish translation

Tomorrow Morning is a warmly sophisticated musical about the coupling and uncoupling of relationships. A show about the ordinary everyday drama of misunderstandings and hurt feelings, but also about the humour in our lives.
Tomorrow Morning speaks to anyone who has ever fallen in or out of love.
The story takes place in and around Jack and Catherine´s former home in Los Angeles (now occupied by Catherine) and in Jack’s new apartment. We meet the couple on the night before the settlement hearing of their divorce; … and ten years earlier on the eve of their wedding.
Jack and Catherine, who are in their late 30s, are getting divorced. John and Kat, who are in their 20s, are getting married. On the eve of their wedding, Kat finds out that she is pregnant. When she informs Jack, he walks out on her.
Catherine and Jack argue about their divorce. Adam, their 10-year-old son, disappears, causing the couple to realize that they still care for each other.
As the show goes on, it turns out that the two couples are the same people. John and Kat are Jack and Catherine’s memories of their younger selves.
The music proves that a new musical doesn’t have to be filled with screaming guitars and atonal scores. It just works.
Tomorrow Morning won Chicago’s Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Musical in 2009.


“Affecting… Recalling everything from Sondheim to Jason Robert Brown” – The New York Post
Fresh, Fun and Lively. Musical about love anticipated and love ending”. – Associated Press


Trailer for Tomorrow morning, (video © J Meyer)