THE PARTY af Sally Potter

The celebration from hell


THE PARTY, Burgtheater Wien 2019 © Matthias Horn



By Sally Potter, based upon her own screenplay

4 F / 3 M

Black comedy

English original text

Politician Janet is throwing a party to celebrate her promotion as shadow minister of health when her husband suddenly announces that he’s ill with terminal cancer and has ‘no time’ left. A fuss arises amongst the guests (who too have problems) and Janet – a fuss that only increases when husband Bill reveals that he’ll not be sharing the rest of his life with her, but rather with his mistress (Janet’s spin-doctor, who hasn’t arrived yet). Marianne’s young, beautiful banker husband has discovered the affair prior to the party and has been taking coke in the bathroom since he arrived to screw up his courage to shoot Bill with the gun, he’s brought with him. But there are more revelations in store for the party guests…

A hilarious dark comedy for at mature cast, based upon the award-winning film by Sally Potter.


The work is playing at Burgtheater Wien up until the 30th of December 2019. Read more about the performance here.