The BAFTA- and EMMA Award winning welsh author


Abi Morgan (1968) is a BAFTA and EMMA award-winning Welsh playwright and TV / film writer reading drama and literature at Exeter University and later taking a postgraduate writing course at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Her work has been performed at some of the most important British stages and several of her texts have been published. Among other things, Abi Morgan wrote the script for the award-winning film, The Iron Lady with Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher.

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The Mistress Contract by Abi Morgan at the Royal Court Theatre


1 F / 1 M

For 30 years, they have followed the agreement that she provides him with sexual services in exchange for him securing her a home and a steady income. Back then, she, a highly educated, intelligent woman and active feminist, asked her wealthy lover to sign a document defining their unconventional lifestyle: The Mistress Contract. Was her proposal a deception against everything she and the women of her generation had fought for? Or was it brave, honest and radical? The play is based on an anonymous couple’s actual tape recordings of conversations about their relationship recorded over several years.

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