THE CITY by Martin Crimp


THE CITY, Why Not Theatre Company 2013 ©


2 F / 1 M

THE CITY is the sequel to THE COUNTRY from 2000. It is a riddling horror about a normal middle-class couple; Chris, who is about to lose his job and his wife Clair, who is working as a translator and who accidentally meets an author who informs her that he has undergone torture. He gives her a blank diary that was meant for his daughter. Seasons change and the marriage falls apart whilst the scenario becomes more and more surreal. A nervous neighbor, Jenny the nurse, comes over to complain about their children and the noise they make playing during the day, which disturbs her sleep. She also tells them about her husband who is a doctor and his experiences in an unspecified devastated town. Suddenly, Chris finds blood in his daughter’s pocket … Nothing is what it seems in this deconstructed world. Premiered at Schaubühne, Berlin, and later at The Royal Court Theater in London. “[…] The brilliance of this 80-minute play lies in how it allows the audience to create its own story. We emerge deeply disturbed but aware of a writer in full control of his talent.” – The Guardian.

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