THE BEATROOTS by Line Mørkeby

A musical country comedy about the big political disagreements of our time


THE BEATROOTS, Teatergrad 2019 © Per Morten Abrahamsen



By Line Mørkeby (DK)

2 F / 2 M

Play with music

Danish original text

THE BEATROOTS is a country comedy played out in concert. The work reflects a time when communities are disintegrating, challenged by individualism. It is a tale that extends from a band crisis to the worldwide political crisis.

The work portrays the family band The BeatRoots. Originally, they played with the brothers’ mother, Mama Nellie, at parties and local gatherings. But after Mama Nellie’s death, they start redefining their musical expression and ambitions, and this threatens togetherness and the band’s very existence.


BEATROOTS Teatergrad 2019 © Anders Graver


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Line Mørkeby


Line Mørkeby (b. 1977) is a Danish playwright. After four years of theatre studies at the University of Copenhagen, she was admitted at the playwriting division at Aarhus Theatre School, graduating in 2008. Also that year her debut play MUSICAL was staged at the The Royal Theatre of Denmark with great success. In 2009 she received the Reumert Talent-Prize for her works and in 2010 a Reumert for ‘best play for a young audience” for her controversial youth drama 5EX P O (6 P LR K), which was also nominated for The Nordic Playwright Prize in 2010. That year she dazzled the audience and medias with the bitter sweet comedy JOY (LYKKE BJØRN) which secured her a nomination as “playwright of the year” and “best play for at small cast”. Line has received further recognition for WHEN IT CUTS THE HEART (NÅR DET SKÆRER I HJERTET), which was also nominated for ‘best play for a young audience’’ at the 2014 Reumerts; I ME FUCK YOU (JEG MIG FUCK DIG) won the Children’s Theatre Prize in 2015; and HAIR ON IT (HÅR PÅ DEN) was awarded the Jury Special Prize at the Reumert Awards in 2016. In 2018, she was nominated for I RUN (JEG LØBER) – both as Playwright of the year and for the Jury’s Special Prize.