THE ACTRESS by Peter Quilter

Two different versions of the internationally popular comedy now available




By Peter Quilter (UK)

1 F / 1 M or 1 F / 5 M

Romantic dramedy

English original text

A funny and poignant comedy dramatising the events backstage as a colourful, complicated actress makes her farewell performance, while dealing with unexpected visitors. Drama and comedy collide as they say their goodbyes, declare their love, roar with laughter, spit insults, grab a final embrace, and renew old battles…

The play has been a great success in Brazil, Germany, Canada, Russia, the UK and in Bulgaria at the National Theatre.



“A huge success… the applause did not want to end… The play is full of witty dialogue that is also philosophically profound… A smart, intelligent and very amusing play.” (Der Merkur at the German premiere)
“The audience were thrilled and greatly moved by the show” (Dez Minutos de Arte at the Rio de Janeiro premiere)
“A huge success with applause that did not want to end…The play is full of witty dialogue but is also philosophically profound…a smart, intelligent and very amusing play.” (Der Merkur)


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