Svartediket (PLAKAT)_1
Poster from The Nationale Scene in Bergen. (PR-photo © Fredrik Arff)

Book and music by Arild Brakstad
6 F / 8 M (+ ensemble)
Sing & Playback to existing tracks (no orchestre needed)
Black Metal musical
Norwegian text
It is the year 1813. On the edge of Svartediket – a dark lake in Bergen, Norway – live Deinar and Dyve with their 6 year old, mute daughter Dine. Deinar and Dyve are expecting their second child. Because of their poverty they have made an agreement with the wealthy priest, Mr Tarleboe, and his wife who live on the nearby Gardmannslund farm, stating that the rich couple will look after the child until Deinar and Dyve can afford it themselves.
Deinar’s feelings of gratitude towards Mr Tarleboe is weighing him down since the priest has given Deinar a job as a boatsman on Svartediket.
A conflict arises when Tarleboe and his wife come to Deinar and Dine claiming that they have failed delivered to deliver the baby boy as agreed. Deinar admits that he has given the infant to a beautiful woman whom he met by the lake. Furious by Deinar’s betrayal the Tarleboe’s kidnap the fever-stricken Dyve and give Deinar 24 hours to produce the boy. Deinar leaves his daughter Dine at the farm and goes to Svartediket in search for the baby boy.
And ghostly things begin to happen…

“Svartediket” at The Nationale Scene in Bergen. (photo © Fredrik Arff)

SVARTEDIKET contains both hard and heavy songs and the most beautiful rock ballads. In other words: this is Black Metal at its best!

The musical has made theatre history and expanded the limits of the genre, being – as far as we know – the world’s first Black Metal musical. It is also worth mentioning that the initial production at Den Nationale Scene in Bergen became a true cult experience – particularly for a large, young audience which refused to let go of it until the theatre had given 20 encore shows!

Music video from SVARTEDIKET, produced by Feber Film: