LINE MØRKEBY (b. 1977) is a Danish playwright. After four years of theatre studies at the University of Copenhagen, she was admitted at the playwriting division at Aarhus Theatre School, graduating in 2008. Also that year her debut play MUSICAL was staged at the The Royal Theatre of Denmark with great success. In 2009 she received the Reumert Talent-Prize for her works and in 2010 a Reumert for ‘best play for a young audience” for her controversial youth drama 5EX P O, which was also nominated for The Nordic Playwright Prize in 2010. That year she dazzled the audience and medias with the bitter sweet comedy JOY(LYKKE BJØRN) which secured her a nomination as “playwright of the year” and “best play for at small cast”. Line has received further recognition for WHEN IT CUTS THE HEART (NÅR DET SKÆRER I HJERTET), which was also nominated for ‘best play for a young audience’’ at the 2014 Reumerts; I ME FUCK YOU won the Children’s Theatre Prize in 2015; and HAIR ON IT (HÅR PÅ DEN) was awarded the Jury Special Prize at the Reumert Awards in 2016.

6 P LR K (5EX P O), Backa Theatre Göteborg, photo © Ola Kjelbye

Performed in several countries, nominated for The Nordic Playwrights Prize, 2010

6 P LR K (5EX P O)
2 F
Teenage show
Danish original text, English, Romanian and Swedish translations

5EX = SEX. If you are very daring!
P = PORN. If you don’t dare 5EX.
O = ZERO. Means you are leaving the game!

Maria and Sara are friends, or they used to be, until Maria receives a text saying “5EX P O?” and answers “P”. Maria is led into a text-game that flourishes within the tough crowd around Jacob Just. A game she’s willing to play, because she’s in love with him. It’s about sex, about sexual challenges – the braver you are, the better. Sara is not invited into the game. She feels led down by Maria and interferes, hoping to win Maria back. But Maria doesn’t want to go back, she doesn’t listen to Sara or her father for that matter. The game spins out of control, involving the homepage girls start telling their raw stories, armed with a laptop, a projector, two bags and a roll of duct tape. If they could only agree about the correct versions of what actually happened!
An exuberant, dynamic and intense play about personal boundaries. When to say yes and when to have the guts to say no.

LYKKE BJØRN (JOY), Teater GROB, photo © Miklos Szabo

Funny and touching jewel of a play!

2 F / 2 M
Drama with songs
Danish original text, English translation

When the self-effacing girl Karin loses her mother, her world falls apart. Being declared legally incapable by her younger brother and with a cleaning lady as her only social contact, Karin is left to herself and her loneliness, until she meets the homeless guy, Johannes. JOY is a love story about living on the edge of society and normality. An extremely moving story about a woman’s right to her own life despite suffocating care, protection and control.

“A joyful Danish comedy about love and odd characters” (Jyllands-Posten)

HÅR PÅ DEN (Grob)HÅR PÅ DEN (HAIR ON IT), Teater GROB, photo © Christian Geisnæs

A hilarious feministic roar!

3 F
Danish original text, English translation

A modern woman must be a lollypoppin’, superhero-dollin’ Barbie-princess, shaved and filled with nuances. She must be skinny and tall, but also short and curvy – only not too curvy. Bearing children and starting her own business. Sexually openminded, being able to both knit and strip when it comes in handy. Reading women’s magazines and making up new needs. At the same time remaining capable of fulfilling the need of others too, of course. And her own…
On the anniversary of women’s right to vote, the Standard Bureau is very busy making a time capsule describing the modern, free woman. An entertaining, humorous and thought-provoking trip deep into the wonderfully weird minds of women!

Anders Juul i JEG LØBER, DKT - II
JEG LØBER (I RUN), The Royal Danish Theatre of Denmark, photo © Christian Geisnæs

A heart-breaking tour-de-force of grief

1 M
Danish original, English translation

A man starts running a few hours after his six-year-old daughter, who has been suffering from cancer, has been taken off life-support and died. He starts running and he cannot stop again. For amidst the grief, loss and the immense feeling of the unfairness of it all, for this man running becomes the one place where he feels light, free and strong. Where he can breathe. And where he may still be able to feel close to his deceased daughter. The play is based on blogger Anders Legarth Schmidt’s own experiences and poses questions like how to survive the loss of a child. I RUN is about running. But it is also about being helpless facing serious illness. And about the roles of death and grief in a society, which tries to hide death as a fact of life.
The play demands an actor in outstanding physical shape, since the monologue must be performed running!

★★★★★ “Yes, the theatre is also a place where we can talk about what hurts the most. I RUN is a strong piece of theatre. You’ll be happy to have experienced it, even though it doesn’t make you happy to watch.” – Berlingske Tidende
★★★★★ “Theatre as a requiem over the loss of the most precious in the world” – Jyllands-Posten
★★★★★ “as a society we tend to hide away death, but I RUN wants the opposite and elaborates in facts and moving poetry al the sorrow, pain and powerlessness that comes with losing someone” –
★★★★★ “Art is the weapon” – Frederiksborg Amts Avis
★★★★★ “a story that’s relevant for everyone, old and young, the joyful and the sorrowful” – Arbejderen
★★★★★ “The play contains the right amount of depth, seriousness and darkness, but there is also light at the end of the tunnel.” – UngtTeaterblod
★★★★ “A very disturbing monologue. Intrusive and brave.” – GregersDH