SOLFORMØRKELSE by Aleksa Okanovic

A new, black fertility comedy playing at Grob Theatre up until the 30th of November 2019


SOLFORMØRKELSE, Teater Grob 2019 © Emilia Therese



By Aleksa Okanovic (DK)

3 F / 1 M


Danish original text

Mia and Henrik dream of becoming parents. The fertility treatment has been ongoing for four years now, without any success. The clock is ticking. It’s Mia’s 35th birthday and fertility is descending. There’s a total solar eclipse – both figuratively and literally speaking – and now Mia’s mother and grandmother come along. They haven’t struggled with fertility issues themselves – their issues are of a different nature. Let the birthday party begin…


SOLFORMØRKELSE, Teater Grob 2019



“In ‘Solar Eclipse’ at Teater Grob, the traumas slowly accumulate in a ‘Bergmanesque’ family drama about failure, abuse, lies and childlessness. A tremendously well played and fierce tearjerker performance.” (Information)

★★★★★★ “Excellent portrait of women in three generations” (Out & About)

★★★★★ “A show that sticks with you and makes you go through the entire range of emotions yet leaves you with an unexplainable urge to watch it again.” (Scenekanten)

★★★★★ “Solformørkelse is amusing and harsh entertainment.” (COMING OUT)

★★★★ “Well written drama, fine direction and excellent acting” (JP)

★★★★ “Heavy issues. Sharp humour.” (POV International)

★★★★ “An extraorinary and much needed piece of conpemporary drama” (Kulturkupéen)



SOLFORMØRKELSE, Teater Grob 2019 © Emilia Therese


SOLFORMØRKELSE, Teater Grob 2019 © Emilia Therese