SNOWBOUND by Peter Quilter

Fear and loathing during a lockdown…


SNOWBOUND, Gloria Theatre, Athens, 2020 © Gloria Theatre



By Peter Quilter (UK)

1 F / 1 M


English original text

Patrick enjoys a solitary life and is surprised when there is a knock on his door during a major snowstorm. Enter Judith, an eccentric woman from the next village, in search of bread, eggs and company.  Patrick hopes she will leave quickly.  But when the storm becomes more violent, Judith and Patrick realise that they will need to be locked down in the house together for quite a while …

SNOWBOUND is a funny play about two very different people trapped in a cottage, trying not to drive each other crazy. A touching and often hilarious story of companionship and loneliness, laughter and tears, snow, wine and pizza.


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