New fantasy musical based on Lene Kaaberbøl’s novel


After Lene Kaaberbøl’s youth novel
Stage adaptation and lyrics: Robert Reinhold
Composer: Bertil Färnlöf
Dramaturge: Anne Rasmussen
7 F / 6 M + Ensemble 10

This is a fantasy musical based on Lene Kaaberbøl’s youth novel.
“Anna, help me!” Trapped in the dark, 14-year-old Anna suddenly hears her mother shouting for help. It is seven years since her mother disappeared under mysterious circumstances and Anna is suffering from the loss of her mother. At the same time, she is being bullied in school because she is dumb.
Luckily, she is helped by Aian, who is her only friend at school. Her father cannot help her because he’s all too sad about the loss of Anna’s mother. He and Anna live in the greenhouse next to the big house, which they moved out of when the mother disappeared. Anna is not allowed to enter the house because it holds too many secrets and sad memories.
One day, however, the voice of the mother leads Anna into the big house. Here she is drawn through the Shadow Gate into the darkness that Anna is so afraid of. Because the darkness can be fatal. Anna ends up in the shadow world of the Night Country, where she meets the mind reader Hero, who like Aian becomes her friend and protector.
Anna is expected by several in the barren and shadowy Night Country. Among others, the friendly Madam Ene and her giant dogs Bidsk (Savage) and Bjæf (Bark). The beautiful water singer Selena Mist and the warrior Justus Ironfist.
In the Night Country, Anna continues the search for her mother and the truth.
Together with her new friends, she embarks on a life-threatening battle against the cruel Shadow Queen Nera and her army of death shadows and shadowless creatures.
The Shadow Gate is about grief. About friendship, hope and love and about rediscovering the lost and not least oneself.
Bertil Färnlöf has composed the music. Robert Reinhold has adapted for the stage and written the lyrics.

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