ROOM by Emma Donoghue


Emma Donoghue © Punch Photographic, 2013



By Emma Donoghue (UK)

3 F / 3 M + 1 boy in a speaking role

Drama with music

English original text

Inspired by the Fritzl-tragedy, ROOM tells the story about “Ma”, who was abducted as a teenager and kept in a ‘room’ in a shed for 7 years. She’s become the ma of Jack, who’s now five years old and has experienced nothing but the room, in which they’re kept, and what’s on TV. One day, Ma lets him in on a breakout plan for him to execute. He succeeds, and after the escape a new life is beginning for the two but coping with the new surroundings aren’t easy.
ROOM is a gripping story about the bond between parent and child. The play is based upon the bestselling novel that has also been adapted for the screen and won Academy Awards, Golden Globes and BAFTAs.