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Rebecca Lenkiewicz © Catherine Ashmore


Rebecca Lenkiewicz (1968) is an award-winning English playwright, screenwriter, poet and actor. Her work has been staged at some of the most important British theatres and several of her texts have been published. Among other things, Rebecca Lenkiewicz wrote the script for the Oscar-winning film, Ida (2013).

3 F / 3 M

Three urban artistic cowboys, two exhausted bohemians and a tormented and lonely woman. They all meet, and a series of unpredictable conflicts emerge. This is a story about love and loss, set to London’s art world.

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13 F / 15 M

In 2008, history was written at The National Theatre, London. HER NAKED SKIN became the first play by a female playwright to be performed on the largest scene in the theatre (The Olivier Theatre). The play is about women’s fight for the right to vote, and begins with the suicide of a female activist in 1913 and ends as the First World War breaks out. The story centers on an erotic and chaotic affair between two fictive women – one from the upper-class and one from the lower classes.

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4 F / 3 M

This charming and entertaining tragicomedy was one of the biggest draws at The National Theatre in London, 2004. In the country somewhere in Ireland, three sisters reside, Judith, Rose and Maud, with their drunken father Patrick, and their crazy grandmother Lily. Nearby, a film about Yeats the poet is shot, and one evening the main character of the film comes by to take lodgings with the family. He becomes the catalyst for great changes in the life of the family, and sets off an avalanche of energies. The grandmother tries to get off with him, but Rose is the one who gets in his pants, whilst the father takes out a local woman for the first time in years. They drink bucket loads of alcohol, whilst they daydream and flirt for dear life. The play is about love, lust and dreams, and mix a rich language with heaps of unpolished feelings.

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